Table 12 Thin Blue Line Women's Tank

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All net profit is being donated to the:

 The Officer Ronald Tarentino, Jr. Charitable Fund



Established in 2018, The Officer Ronald Tarentino, Jr. Charitable Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring Ron’s memory. Shortly after that tragic day, his family and friends began to learn from the community how much Ron had selflessly given of himself through simple acts of kindness and generosity. After hearing so many stories of how Ron impacted his community in a positive way, a group of his family and friends wanted to come together to carry on Ron’s unique way of helping others.

The Officer Ronald Tarentino, Jr. Charitable Fund has a multi-purpose focus:

Acts of Kindness — First, we seek to help alleviate the physical and emotional burden of those who suffer from a serious illness, injury, or loss by providing assistance to their families in their time of need.

Acts of Generosity — Second, we seek to offer scholarships to high school seniors for higher education who have demonstrated a commitment to their community, to their education, and to a future role in a field of service to others.

Service to the Community — Lastly, we seek to physically support other first responder & military non- profit organizations that offer similar support of families.