Create a store

Create your own CUSTOM online apparel store at Palomar Printing!

Sick of keeping track of paper order forms for your school or organizations apparel orders? We can create an online store for you!

The solutions we offer

  • People can order online anytime, anywhere
  • We offer multiple postage and collection options
  • We offer postage not only to your home address, but to your school or workplace
  • We offer discounts and promotions if interested
  • We offer customization options, such as individual names on apparel
  • Your organization can also make money by referring potential buyers to the web store
  • We do not require a minimum amount of apparel orders for custom stores
  • Your store can stay up for as long or as short a time as you want
  • There are no contracts

How it benefits you

  • Your organization will make a commission per sale
  • Your organization will only need to advertise the website
  • We provide a visual of the end product so no samples are needed
  • Sizing is put on the website to help avoid incorrect ordering
  • We can brand the web store to match the organization

How it benefits the buyers

  • Buyers don’t have to make time or book days off work to visit the store
  • We can deliver your order to numerous locations, such as the organization itself
  • It’s easy to re-order
  • Apparel can be customized with names
  • We can offer discounts and promotions, such as free shipping
  • We provide a visual of the end product before buying

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